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Spin Klin™ Nova for Industry

Design for Tomorrow. Today
Spin Klin™ Nova. Design for Tomorrow. Today

Our most cutting-edge disc filtration system for industrial water applications is the Spin Klin™ NOVA.
With a focus on high performance, the Spin Klin™ NOVA combines exceptional design with maximum flexibility and scalability to guarantee high-quality, effective, and stable production operations.
Excellent filtering resultss, cost-effective low energy and water usage, fewer flushing cycles, and strong recovery capabilities are all features of the Spin Klin™ NOVA Series.
This advanced filter is adaptable and modular, with the ability to handle higher flow rates by combining units, and its stackable form allows for a small footprint. By simply replacing 2″ spines with 4″ spines, the filtering area of the Spin Klin™ NOVA is tripled.
Because of its revolutionary and patented design, the Spin Klin™ NOVA has minimum flow interference and up to 80% lower head loss.
The polymeric Spin Klin™ NOVA Series is suited for filtering in harsh industrial applications as well as other industrial water treatment needs.
Design for tomorrow. Today.
Applications: process water, reclaim/reuse, drinking water, seawater

So, How Does It Work?

Everything you need to know about the Spin Klin™ Nova advantages and operation.

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Product Benefits
Patented Technology
Patented Technology
The breakthrough "line-of-sight" design minimizes flow interference and offers the highest level of efficiency.
Low Energy & Water Consumption
Low Energy & Water Consumption
Saves up to 30% flushing water*, with less flushing cycles and high recovery ability
Flexibility and Modularity
Flexibility and Modularity
• Triples filtration area by replacing 2” with 4” spines
• Multiple backwash system configurations
• Stackable design for optimized footprint
Polymeric construction and corrosion resistant
Lower head loss
Lower head loss
Up to 40% lower head loss and the highest level of efficiency
Optional Plug & Play installation
Optional Plug & Play installation
Pre-engineered, skid-mounted systems for easy plug-n-play installation
Technical Materials & Support
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