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Fertilizer Injector Pump for Irrigation

The Key to Higher Yields
Fertilizer Injector Pump. The Key to Higher Yields

The invention of the fertigation technology resulted in a massive increase in agricultural productivity in modern times. Fertilizers can be applied in conjunction with irrigation water using the right fertigation equipment, so wherever the flows, it brings fertilizer with it.

Fertilizer is applied only where it is needed, when it is needed, and in the right dose and quantity via fertigation.

Amiad’s fertilizer injector pump line offers a variety of fertilizer pumps to meet fertigation requirements in field and vegetable crops, orchards, horticulture and greenhouses, and even golf courses, gardening and landscaping.

Online Products Catalogue
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Product Benefits
Cost effective
Cost effective
Eliminates waste of expensive chemicals, labor and machinery
Reliable and durable
Reliable and durable
Designed for long-term and simple operation
Accurate and efficient
Accurate and efficient
Precise results for better crops
High corrosion and chemical resistance
Minimal maintenance
Minimal maintenance
Saves time and labor costs
Sturdy construction
Sturdy construction
Excellent mechanical strength and durability
Technical Materials & Support
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