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Stormwater Harvesting for Water Reuse, Australia

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Water Treatmemt

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2 x Media filters

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Picturesque Wynn Vale Dam in Adelaide is the site for the City of Tea Tree Gully (CTTG) Council’s innovative stormwater harvesting and reuse initiative. This Waterproofing Northern Adelaide (WNA) project is designed to treat 400 Mega litres of stormwater that will be extracted from the dam every winter to go into aquifer storage. During the warmer months, the water will be recovered by extracting it from the aquifer for irrigation and dual reticulation purposes. Amiad Australia was involved in this project since 2007 and has trailed a tested a number of different technologies (exclusive to Amiad Australia) to determine the best water treatment process. Amiad Australia was contracted to install a stormwater treatment plant to increase the quality of the water collected in the dam to the requirements for Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) as outlined in the EPA license held by CTTG.


It was clear from the start that this project will present challenges to both the Council and Amiad Australia to deliver a sustainable water reuse system in a reasonably built-up urban environment. The City of Tea Gully requests a design, which is simple in concept, utilizing off-the-shelf components as much as possible and which will be easy to operate service, maintain and repair. The design should be reliable with key modules and spares being readily available for the life of the equipment. Amiad Australia designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a 2 MLD (25 l/s) containerised water treatment plant to treat Dam water (i.e. Stormwater Harvesting) to meet the performance requirement of the contract. The containerised system was manufactured and tested in Amiad Australia’s Melbourne factory before it was transported to Wynn Vale Dam. This engineered solution offered many features that Amiad Australia perfected over 30 years in the water industry in Australia.


Amiad designed, manufactured, constructed, delivered and commissioned a stormwater plant. The water treatment process consist of coagulation, rapid mixing, slow mixing, retention tank & Progressing Cavity pump, primary media filters to capture the bulk of the suspended particles, secondary media filters to further reduce the turbidity and UV disinfection. The essential services such as compressed air, chemical storage, eyewash/safety shower and blower is installed inside the modified containers. The Backwash Pump is utilized to backwash Media Filters & Air –Scouring for effective backwash. The system has various online analytical instruments for continuous monitoring and is controlled by a PLC with a touch screen interface (HMI) for the operator.


Wynn Vale Dam, like other stormwater harvesting sites, presented significant challenges that influenced the design. The main challenge was to ensure compliance with the EPA license while maximising the harvesting potential of the plant during the winter months when run-off is at its maximum and water quality at it worst. Amiad has successfully proven that the treated stormwater complies with the quality performance requirements.