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Purification Plant Filtration System, Deep Well to Injection Water, China

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Stage 1: 4 x Sand filters

Stage 2: 2 x AMF 370K, 2 micron

התקנה של מסנן חוטים
התקנה של מסנן חוטים
מפה של אזור בסין


Daqing oil field discovered in 1959 and developed in 1960, is one of the largest oil fields in China. The oil field is located in the west of Heilongjiang Province, comprises 48 small oil and gas fields, covers an area of about 6,000 square kilometers. Water injection is commonly used by oil and gas fields to enhance oil recovery. Injection water can make up for underground shortfall caused by the recovery of crude oil, maintain or increase reservoir pressure. The water must keep quality stability; can not have large amounts of suspended solids; litter corrosion on the water injection facilities; no damage to the reservoir beside adequate economically.


Fangxing company-a subsidiary of Daqing Oilfield want to build two water purification plants, which will treat the deep well water to injection water. The requirements of both plants are the same and as follows: Flow rate: 2500m3/d, Raw water quality: concentration of suspended solids (SS) 0.5-10 mg/l Water quality after treatment: reach oil field injection water standard of A1 level Detailed targets: oil <5 mg/l, SS<1 mg/l, median particle size <1μm


Amiad designed an integrated water filtration system for each water purification plant, each system combines two main stages of filtration and treatment, supplied two AMF2 370K thread filters of 2 micron filtration degree, providing at continues 24 hours operation cycle a flow rate of 2500m/d. 1. The first stage of filtration, designed to remove large suspended solids and iron from the deep well water and reduce the load of thread filters, consists of four manganese sand filters. They are not provided by the Amiad. 2. The main treatment stage consists of two AMF2 370K thread filters of 2 micron filtration degree. Both media vessels and thread filters backwash with the filtered water from the clean water storage tank using backwash pump. Backwash is initiated by time, pressure differential or manually.


The system is successfully operating since July 2012. All indexes are better than the standard of A1 level, meet with all the requirements.